Effective December 13, 2001


Name and Location

Section 1.The name of this organization shall be New Bern Aeromodelers, and shall hereinafter be referred to and designated as the Club.

Section 2.The Club is a non-profit organization organized located in the State of North Carolina.

Section 3.The Club's fiscal year is January 1 to December 31 of each year.



The purpose of the Club is to develop and maintain an airfield to fly radio controlled model aircraft.† More particular purposes are listed below, but shall not be considered exclusive.

(a)     To promote flying radio controlled model aircraft and encourage participation and membership in the Club by all age groups.

(b)     To have fun.

(c)     To promote safe flying techniques and practices.

(d)     To promote the Club as a good neighbor.

(e)     To encourage fellowship and camaraderie.

(f)      To stage air shows, contests, and events as determined by the membership and approved by the landowner and the AMA or IMAA as required.



Section 1.Any individual who indicates an interest in the building or flying of model aircraft or in furthering the purposes of the Club shall be eligible for membership.† The membership shall be divided into classes as follows:

(a)      JUNIOR MEMBER.† Those who are under 15 years old as of January 1.† Junior members are entitled to full membership, benefits and limited privileges.† Limited privileges are listed below and shall not be considered exclusive.† Junior members:

(1)      May not hold office.

(2)      Do not have voting rights.

(3)      May be subject to participation limitations in events and air shows as shall be determined by the Club officers.

(b)     SENIOR MEMBER.† Those from 15 but under 19 years of age as of January 1.

(c)      OPEN MEMBER.† Those 19 or more years of age as of January 1.

(d)     HONORARY MEMBERS.† Those of any age.

(1)      Not required to pay Club dues.

(2)      May receive minutes and rosters.

(3)      May fly at the field with a Club member.† An AMA membership is required.

Section 2.The Club is a member of The Academy of Model Aeronautics, Inc.

Section 3.The Club officersí determination on eligibility or class of membership shall be conclusive.† Upon acceptance for membership, each individual shall agree to accept the Bylaws of the Club and to pay such dues as may from time to time be determined by the membership.

Section 1.Dues shall be paid annually and are due on January 1.† Any Club member who fails to pay dues by March 31 shall be dropped from the membership rolls.† In any event, a memberís dues must be currently paid in order to exercise the right to fly or vote.† Dues for new members joining in mid year are prorated.† Dues are to be paid in accordance with the following membership class schedule:

(a)      JUNIOR MEMBERS.† Membership is free; initiation fee of $10

(b)     SENIOR MEMBERS.† Dues are $18 per year; initiation fee of $10

(c)      OPEN MEMBERS.† Dues are $24 per year; initiation fee of $10

(d)     HONORARY MEMBERS.† Membership is free.† Initiation fee is waived.

Section 2.Prorated dues for new members shall be calculated as $2 for each full month remaining in the calendar year.

Section 3.A non-refundable initiation fee of $10 will apply to all new members who are not Honorary members.


Books and Records

Section 1.The Club shall keep correct and complete books and records of accounts and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its members.

Section 2.An official record of the names and addresses of its members shall be maintained by the Club Secretary.

Section 3.Club expenses shall be paid by check with the signatures of two Club officers and be accompanied by a receipt.† Club expenses must be approved before the purchase by a Club member.† Expenses will not be reimbursed without a receipt.



Section 1.The Club shall have monthly meeting on the second Thursday of each month.† The meetings will be held at the West New Bern Recreation Center and start at 7:30 P.M. unless otherwise announced.

Section 2.Special meetings, in regards to a specific issue, may be called by the President, or by a majority of the elected Club officers, or shall be called by the President, upon the request of 10% of the paid membership.† The place and time of these meetings shall be determined by the Club officers.† Each member is contacted (or several attempts made) by a Club officer and that each member is given a brief description and purpose for the meeting.† In this event, each memberís approval/denial to have such a meeting shall be documented and recorded in the minutes.† The agenda for special called meetings of this nature will be limited to the specific matter requiring the meeting.

Section 3.Monthly meeting announcements shall be sent to the membership at least 5 days before the meeting date.†



A quorum is considered 10% of the paid membership.† This is for any meeting outlined in Article VI above.


Officers and Terms

Section 1.The Club officers shall be elected annually by the membership in the December meeting.

Section 2. Elected Club officers shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.† Club officers may appoint other positions as determined.

Section 3.The term of elected Club officers and appointed positions will be one year between January 1 to December 31.


Voting, Nominations and Elections

Section 1.The Club members, with exception of junior and honorary members, have the privilege to vote on any matter not reserved for elected Club officers.

Section 2.The Presidentís vote will be used in all cases to eliminate tie votes and disputes or differences that split the membership.

Section 3.Nominations for Club offices will be accepted from the membership at the December meeting.† All nominees must receive a second to be eligible. †A maximum of three (3) nominations will be accepted for each position.† No member may simultaneously hold more than one elected office.

Section 4.The nominee with a majority vote will be declared elected and will assume his position January 1.† Voting shall be by means of paper ballot.

Section 5.Ballots for Club officers that end in a tie shall be handled accordingly:

(a)      If three (3) members were nominated, the nominee with the fewest votes will be removed from the ballot and another vote taken.

(b)     If item (a) above produces another tie, the incumbent will retain his position, and, if either nominee is not an incumbent, the Presidentís vote will prevail.

Section 6.† Club members at any scheduled Club meeting may vote to approve an individual for honorary membership based on any merit and any length of time.† A 2/3 majority of the members present is needed for approval.


Order of Business

Section 1.The order of business will be determined by the President.† The President will be the Chairperson of the Club meetings.† In the Presidentís absence, another Club officer will be the Chairperson of the Club meetings.†

Section 2.The order of committee meetings will be determined by the Chairperson of the committee.

Section 3.The President shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees.


Club Rules

Section 1.AMA Safety Code shall prevail and shall be adopted into these bylaws.

Section 2.Members and their invited guests may fly between 8:00 a.m. and dusk.† Night flying will be granted upon request and approval of the President and property owner.

Section 3.Members are expected to pick up their own trash.† Trash includes garbage, bags, bottles, cans, cigarette butts, or any other item that is unsightly and not representative to the agreement with the property owner.

Section 4.Club officers have full authority over training procedures, methods, and assignment of instructors.† The New Bern Aeromodelers Operating Procedures provides details.