1.  How much does it cost?  Model Aviation is not cheap.  However, it is no more expensive than golf, hunting, fishing, etc.  An entry-level airplane, engine and radio can be had for around $350 if you shop around.  You can spend a lot more but it is not necessary.

2.  How long does it take to learn to fly?  It depends on the individual. Most people can solo with around 8 hours of instruction; some take longer, some a lot less.  New Bern Aeromodelers has qualified instructors to assist newcomers.

3.  Where could I buy the things I will need?  We recommend you visit your local hobby shop.  There you can see and handle the merchandise and get knowledgeable advice.  You can sometimes pick up used equipment and flight worthy airplanes from club members for very reasonable prices.  Alternatively, you could use mail order; the model magazines are full of ads.

4.  Did you build that airplane, could I build one, do I have to build an airplane in order to fly?  Yes I built it. If you can follow instructions, have a lot of patience and a little mechanical aptitude you can build one.  No you do not have to construct an airplane.  You could buy one ready or Almost Ready to Fly. (ARF)

5.  Where can I get the help I would need if I wanted to get into this hobby?  Your local club is your best bet.  Most have members who are happy to assist newcomers.  In addition, Craven County Library has some good beginner books.  Read the model magazines (Model Airplane News, Radio Control Models, and Flying Models); they have beginner columns.

6.  Can I join your club? How much will it cost?  Yes, New Bern Aeromodelers has an open membership policy.  There is a onetime initiation fee of $10, and annual dues of $24.  You will be required to join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).  The annual membership fee is $48.

7.  What is the AMA?  The Academy of Model Aeronautics is a national organization dedicated to the furtherance of model aviation.  The main reason we require members to join the AMA is that they provide $2 million of liability insurance to members.  This also includes a subscription to Model Aviation magazine, which is a first class publication for modelers.  We have AMA handouts available

8.  Why are you here in the mall today?  We are here today to showoff!  We take great pride in our hobby, and greatly enjoy the "ooh's" and "aah's" that we hear from you folks.  In addition, it is an opportunity to let you know who we are and what we are doing.  You may be interested in joining us or you may know someone who would be.

9.   Where and when does the club meet, where do you fly?  We meet on the second Thursday of every month at the West New Bern Recreation Center.  We begin at 7:30 PM, and seldom go beyond 9:00 PM.  The meetings are open, and we invite you to come and check us out.  We have a field on Highway 55 west of New Bern; please see the map on the opposite side.

10. Can I come out and watch you fly, and when is the best time?  Yes! Please do. As I said before, we like to showoff. You might even be offered an opportunity to try someone's airplane.  The best times are warm, sunshiny weekends, from 9:00 AM until dark.  However, we have some that will fly anytime year round.